Renee Jensen, is a Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher and Intuitive Guide. Her Reiki and Intuitive Healing Practice is located in Ridgewood, NJ. She is certified in the 1st, 2nd, and Master degree of the Usui Method of Natural Healing. Her ongoing spiritual and intuitive studies include, Human Design, crystal work, cards and a western mystery school tradition which focuses on the metaphysical sacred arts.

In her free time, she enjoys nature, reading, and spending time with friends and family! She is a self proclaimed addict who loves to binge watch anything Netflix or Amazon! Shhhh!

Manifest by healing from the inside out…

Every single individual who walks through my door, comes packing with a bag of “stuff” they want to unload. The bag has become too heavy to carry and is causing he/she suffering and pain. I work intuitively to IDENTIFY, CLARIFY, CONNECT TO, UNDERSTAND, and CLEAR AWAY the source of energetic blockages that are keeping you from living the life YOU deserve.

So what’s so special about me and why should we work together?

I could give you a long list of credentials but I’m going to give you the only one that really matters.


I’m not one of those people that claims to know how to solve all your problems because I carry an esteemed list of certifications and accolades. I too have carried around the heavy bag of “stuff”; abandonment, childhood trauma and abuse, addiction, motherhood, divorce, mental health crisis, and all of the struggles that came along with it.

I carried it around for many years and it affected me negatively both internally and externally in my relationships, my career, and my ability to be a good mother. Most of all, the connection to MYSELF had been lost and without that, I could never heal.

I didn’t know I had the power to heal myself through awareness, clarity, and connection. Connection to myself, to others, and to that of something much greater but…

Like you, I finally couldn’t carry the bag of “stuff” anymore and something deep inside was screaming at me to search for guidance!

I listened and took action. I can authentically proclaim that LIVING LIFE IS EASY (well, easier…)!!!

Instead of carrying the bag of “stuff” around, I replaced it with a tool belt filled with exactly what I need to tackle any thing the Universe throws my way.

It’s now my gift to offer you, so let’s sort through the “stuff” in your bag and start filling that belt with the tools needed to LIVE THE LIFE YOU DESERVE!